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Family Urgent Care

Get immediate care for your entire family that’s close and convenient.

The doctors and nurses at the Resolute Health Family Urgent Care handle all minor emergencies from evaluation of broken bones and stitches, to the flu. Best of all, we treat the whole family—both adults and kids.

Resolute Health Family Urgent Care’s multidisciplinary staff includes: physicians, radiology technologists and nurses. They’re passionate about caring for families, and they’re all great with kids.

  • Far less expensive than an emergency room visit, check our prices
  • Open seven days a week from 9am–9pm
  • Conveniently located
  • Quick, complete follow-up with your primary doctor within 24 hours to share the results of your visit to ensure your medical record is always intact
  • Most major insurances accepted (including Blue Cross Blue Shield)


Minor emergencies are still emergencies. So it’s important to have an urgent care option that’s close to home. Since kids are especially prone to accidents, it’s also crucial that you have access to urgent care that treats not just adults, but the whole family. You save the cost and time of an emergency room visit, as well as the headache of searching for urgent care for the little ones.

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